Marquee Furniture

At Carnival Marquees, we provide all the accessories you could require with our marquee hire service. These include the following types (in addition to Luxury Toilets):

Marquee Hire Furniture - Tables and Chairs Marquee Tables

We provide trestle tables with our marquee hire service for the comfort of your guests.

Tables Rectangular 4ft X 30 (Seats 4-6)
Tables Rectangular 6ft X 30 (Seats 6-8)
Tables Rectangular 8ft X 30 (Seats 8-10)
Table Round 5Ft (Seats 8-10)
Table Round 5Ft 6'' (Seats 8-10)
Table Round 6Ft (Seats 10-12)


Marquee Chairs
Carnival Marquees provides a wide range of chairs for your occasion

Banqueting Chairs Padded                     Limewash Chavari Chairs                         Foldable Chairs



Marquee Bar Furniture 


              Pod Bar Table                                                                           High Stools


Marquee Outdoor Furniture 


  Aluminium Patio Table                                         Aluminium Patio Chair                                  Patio Heater


Chair Covers

We provide a full range of chair covers, sashes and table linen, details available on request.



Marquee Georgian Doors

We provide Georgian doors with our marquee hire service for the decoration of your marquee. 


Marquee Flooring

We provide many types of flooring with our marquee hire service for the decoration of your marquee.


                      Cassette Floor                                                        Floating Floor                                                            Carpet

                                                    Oak Finish Dance Floor                                      Black & White Dance Floor



Marquee Lighting & Lighting Effects

We can provide many different types of lighting with our marquee hire service for the decoration of your marquee such as Chandeliers, Disco light, RGB Up-lighters, Flood Lighting and Mirror ball.

 Marquee Bar Counter

We provide Bar furniture with our marquee hire service for your function. 

                 Bar Counter                                                 Backbar



Marquee Stage

We provide stages for entertainment with our marquee hire service for the enjoyment of your marquee guests. 

Marquee Heaters

We provide heaters with our marquee hire service for the comfort your guests. 


                     Indirect Diesel Heater                                                           Halogen Heater